Why Chiropractors Recommend Physical Activity

Chiropractors Recommend Physical Activity

Chiropractors recommend physical activity to a lot of their patients during rehabilitation and following a course of treatment. They will offer guidance and advice on which exercises to do and which to avoid. Chiropractic care embraces a preventative approach to healthcare and regular daily physical activity is something chiropractors strongly endorse.

Incorporating Daily Exercise and Physical Activity

Chiropractors recommend physical activity and by incorporating some exercise into our day is the solution. It could involve scheduling time specifically and getting up earlier for a half hour run, walk the dog, doing some gardening or a gym session. Early birds won’t find this too much of a challenge but the night owls might prefer the later end of the day instead.

Simply aiming to get off the bus a stop earlier, park the car a little further away or allow time to walk locally between locations. Even tackling that overgrown border in the garden has it’s added benefits. All these options will tick the exercise box, just aim to raise the heartbeat for 10 to 20 minutes and you will know you are achieving your goal when you feel warmer and a little breathless. Choose a walking route that includes a hill or slope, dig in the garden and notice how much less breathless you become over the course of a few short weeks. Progress will be noticeable with regular exercise sessions and rewards will be reaped quickly.

Are We too Busy being Busy to Exercise

With recent news this week about the dangers of a sedentary but busy lifestyle reported on the BBC website a lot of people are asking themselves if they are moving around enough. Are they fitting enough formal exercise into their day or just plain busy. People are under the impression they are active and not sitting down all day. However, they are mislead and they quickly find they are not meeting the UK government recommended guidelines for minimal daily exercise. Chiropractors recommend physical activity and endorse regular exercise for maintaining good health.

UK Government Physical Activity Guidelines

The UK Chief Medical Officer offers guidance on how much daily and weekly activity people should be doing.  Minimal UK Government exercise goals are achievable and recommend that weekly activity should add up to at least 2½ hours of moderate intensity activity, which equates to approximately 30 minutes 5 days per week.

According to a survey from the British Heart Foundation 20 million people in Britain are physically inactive. They recommend making time to get active and not to put it off. The BHF analysis found that the average man in the UK spends a fifth of his lifetime sitting – equivalent to 78 days a year. For women, it is around 74 days a year.

Seasonal Injuries, Back Pain and Aches and Pains

Tips for avoiding back pain while gardening and more seasonal sports are often sought out this time of year. As a chiropractor I start to see a flood of aches, pains and injuries presenting in my chiropractic clinic at Poole Road Medical Centre as the winter months turn to Spring.

Clients get in touch to seek chiropractic care, advice and treatment for these seasonal complaints. The sun comes out, the weather warms up and we all advance keenly into the outdoors full of zest and vigour and maybe a little too much enthusiasm. Our winter bodies need time to adjust and we need to take things gently initially to to ensure we are avoiding back pain while exercising.

It is tempting as the Spring months approach to attack the ‘to do’ or ‘will do’ list with the very best intentions and consequently over do things. There are some basic guidelines and habits that would be a good idea to embrace to prolong those new habits and good intentions sessions and be ready for more in the long term.

How to Stay Agile and Mobile

A gentle warm up before starting sport, exercise or outdoor chores and hobbies such as gardening will gently stretch your muscles and galvanise them into action and will help in avoiding back pain and injuried. If it’s a particularly cold morning then wait until later in the day when it’s warmer and the sun on your back is an added bonus.

Take regular breaks and drink plenty of liquid to help those muscles adjust.

We all know to avoid lifting heavy objects and prolonged digging. If you must lift something, remember to bend your knees and keep your back straight and warm up first. Better still, use a wheelbarrow or trolley to move heavy and awkward objects whenever you can.

Good techniques for digging and lifting are the two main culprits and adjusting and observing that your habits are good ones will be one of the greatest factors for avoiding back pain while gardening.

Chiropractic Care for Exercise, Sport or Gardening and Lifting

Chiropractors endorse preventative care and the British Chiropractic Association offers regular sound advice on avoiding back pain. Look after your muscular skeletal system with  regular visits to your chiropractor. Your body will then have the best opportunity to be in peak condition to tackle the garden and thereby you will be avoiding back pain by staying mobile and strong. Having good habits and a strong body will help and if injury does strike then your first port of call will be Bournemouth Chiropractic. Chiropractic care will, in most cases, get you back outside in the quickest possible time. Exercise good for your physical and mental health, encouraging people to get outside and move around and I am here to help keep you in your strongest and most productive state of heath.

Moderate and Vigorous Exercise

Chiropractors recommend physical activity of all types and will recommend different levels of exertion depending on a patients stage of recovery. These range from moderate to vigorous types of physical activity.

Exercises which count as moderately exerting include walking at a fast pace, water aerobics, riding a bike on level ground, pushing a lawn mower, hiking, skateboarding, rollerblading, badminton, tennis, volleyball or netball.

More vigorous exercises include  running and athletics, swimming, a fast bike ride up hills, football, rugby, skipping with a rope, hockey, aerobics and zumba, gymnastics, martial arts.

The Guardian Newspaper picked up on this health advice and offer a jaunty angle on some health guidelines for those who struggle more with motivation!

Always seek the advice and guidance of a medical professional before embarking on a new exercise regime.

Keep Mobile, Keep moving, Keep Active, Stay Well

Keep mobile, strong and supple with regular chiropractic checkups and an active lifestyle. Get in touch to talk through recent injuries, aches and pains, general advice or preventative chiropractic care with Leslie Budzynski Bournemouth Chiropractic Poole Road Medical Centre. There are plenty of happy patients who have attended the clinic ready to endorse chiropractic treatment for a healthy lifestyle.

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