Upright MRI Scanner at AECC Clinic Bournemouth

Upright MRI Scanner at AECC Clinic Bournemouth

The Upright MRI Scanner at AECC Clinic Bournemouth is a new affordable MRI scanning service at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic. Based at this location since September 2014 means the the AECC now has one of the only four facilities of this type in the country and is the only location on the South Coast of England.

The Upright MRI Scanner at AECC Clinic Bournemouth is a 1 million pound investment for the college continuing to bring their facilities into the 21st Century and is housed in a purpose built extension at the AECC’s Clinic building. The Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth is one of the busiest college based chiropractic clinics in Europe so it is an ideal location for The Upright MRI Scanner at AECC Clinic Bournemouth.

What is the MRI Scanner

The scanner service provides conventional scans and also caters for patients who dislike confined spaces and are either claustrophobic in conventional  scanners or need to be scanned upright for their own comfort in a variety of positions of their neck, back or limbs. The Upright MRI Scanner at AECC Clinic Bournemouth can scan patients in a variety of positions including sitting and standing.

The Anglo European Chiropractic College

The AECC has an international reputation as a leader in musculoskeletal healthcare, research and healthcare . They offer these state-of-the-art facilities and have an impeccable reputation, which they have earned through continuously driving innovation and development.

How Much Does it Cost to have an MRI?

The MRI scanner service is a self-pay service. The costs of scans vary and the AECC Clinic aim to keep these at an affordable level.  The chiropractic college are happy to accept insured patients where funding has been previously arranged. The Upright MRI Scanner facility is run by Melaine Jones MSc, an experienced Superintendent Radiographer.

AECC Principal Haymo Thiel says

“This scanner is very unique as it will be one of only four in the country and it provides an alternative to the traditional tunnel experience.”

Leslie uses the MRI service when needed for his patients. It is quick, convenient and local.

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