avoiding back pain during exercise

Is Back Pain Preventing Exercise? Avoiding back pain during exercise or regaining strength and mobility following an injury is an essential part of a successful and effective healthcare regime. New consumer research from the BCA  found that two fifths (41%) of people surveyed had been prevented from exercising due to back or neck pain. A quarter…

Why Chiropractors Recommend Physical Activity

Chiropractors Recommend Physical Activity Chiropractors recommend physical activity to a lot of their patients during rehabilitation and following a course of treatment. They will offer guidance and advice on which exercises to do and which to avoid. Chiropractic care embraces a preventative approach to healthcare and regular daily physical activity is something chiropractors strongly endorse….

Back Packs, Rucksacks and Back Pain

Back Packs, Rucksacks and Back Pain Back packs, rucksacks and back pain has recently had a lot of coverage in the press. Firstly we notice that we increasingly carry our belongings, school and work equipment on our backs. However, in doing so we don’t want to effect or damage our backs and alter our posture in…

Back Pain and Fashion

Back Pain: Fashion Choices and Injuries: Back Pain: Fashion Choices and Injuries have an unseen connection. The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has recently conducted a national survey of over 1000 people. It discovered that items such as skinny jeans, high heels and handbags can be a possible source of a cause of pain in your…


Back Pain Treatment and the Importance of Maintaining Mobility: Maintaining mobility through regular exercise is essential part of preventing aches and pains of bones and joints. It will reduce the need for acute back pain treatment from injuries. Through long term inactivity bones and joints will stiffen and loose their mobility causing pain and discomfort….

the bitter truth about sugar

The Bitter Truth about Sugar The Bitter Truth about Sugar. Sugar features large in most peoples lives and I have certainly been renowned for my sweet tooth over the years. There has been a lot of attention paid to sugar in our diets in the press recently and suggestions of the advantages of going sugar…

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