Hip Pain Alleviated by Chiropractic Treatment

Hip Pain Alleviated by Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic Patient Testimonial

Hip pain alleviated by chiropractic treatment was a great success recently with one of my chiropractic patients. Getting older and natural wear and tear are not good reasons to accept any kind of muscular skeletal pain.

For a body to be kept in first rate condition then chiropractic treatment can be sought as preventative method of care. Regular chiropractic treatment can stop ailments from occurring or as a treatment plan for chronic or acute conditions.

Hip Pain and Ageing: A Case Study

Recently a lady came to see me for a consultation with the beginnings of a degenerative hip problem. She had had the discomfort on the right hip for over 6 months. Her initial approach of waiting to see if it went away by itself didn’t work so she sought chiropractic advice from me.

An active 50 year old woman who walked up to 8 miles a day. She felt increasing discomfort on walking longer distances and also upon hip extension. My patient was keen to prevent the condition progressing and did not want the pain to impede her active lifestyle. I explained how it might help and how we would proceed from here. As an active middle aged woman she desperately wanted the potential course of treatment to work and see the hip pain alleviated by chiropractic treatment.

Ultra Scans at the AECC

Firstly, after chatting through her symptoms with her I sent her to the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Boscombe for an ultrasound scan . This would give us a clear picture of the condition of the hip and how much chiropractic treatment might help her in her particular case.

She had her ultra sound scan and returned to the chiropractic clinic at Poole Road Medical Centre as advised by the radiographer. After four conservative chiropractic treatments she reported feeling 100% better with complete mobility restored to the hip area. My patient kindly took the time to let me know about how pleased she was with the results of her chiropractic treatment.

Patient Feedback after Chiropractic Treatment

“I am astonished by the results of my chiropractic treatment. Within those four visits my hip pain has completely gone. When the pain first came about I have to admit I panicked slightly. Turning 50 this year and having hip problems present in my family history I really thought it was the beginning of the end for me. I thought  that my mobility would gradually decrease as the pain crept in over time.

With a medical diagnosis confirmed by ultra sound I then thought the picture even bleaker and came back to you for some chiropractic treatment on the advice of the radiographer at the AECC. I was  thinking that chiropractic might make things marginally better. However, after just four gentle, non invasive treatments, no cracking and bashing me about, I am completely pain free. I experience no stiffness or discomfort and have a full range of movement back in my hip joint.

I was starting to find that I was moving differently and the hip area had stiffened up. Especially noticeable after I had sat still for a little while and now all that has gone. I am so happy and relived, chiropractic treatment has far surpassed my expectations and restored the spring in my step quite literally!. Thank you I am now going to be a complete “hip bore” and tell anyone and everyone who will listen!”

Hip Pain Alleviated by Chiropractic Treatment


Chiropractic Treatment in Bournemouth

At any age, any time in your life, young or old do not put up with pain or discomfort without speaking to a chiropractor for advice. Chiropractic is a safe, natural, gentle choice of healthcare. Seeking Chiropractic advice could help you lead a strong and healthy lifestyle through preventative and proactive healthcare.

Get in touch with me at Poole Road Medical Centre to arrange a consultation and to find out if chiropractic can help you in your particular case.

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