Good reviews for a Bournemouth chiropractor

Good reviews for a Bournemouth Chiropractor

Good reviews for a Bournemouth chiropractor are a valuable endorsement. Nothing quite beats personal recommendation. Whatever practitioner, product or trade you are ever searching for, even a holiday destination or a good haircut. Most people usually ask others about where they have been or who they recommend before they begin any type of search.

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Chiropractic Reviews and Testimonials

When you are in pain or discomfort then you really want to be sure about a recommendation. A lot of my chiropractic patients, a vast majority in fact, come to me through personal recommendation from previous or current patients. These are friends relatives and colleagues who have experienced an improvement in their condition or a reduction in their pain through a course of chiropractic treatment and are keen to tell others their medical story.

I also do meet a lot of my new patients who have simply found me via an internet search and they have read about my professional medical credentials, chiropractic training, and professional standards compliance. My membership to professional groups including the British Chiropractic Association and the General Chiropractic Council endorse this information further. From this and a scattering of online testimonials and reviews about my personal approach most are more than happy to proceed.

I do also offer the opportunity for a chat before commencing treatment to ascertain if chiropractic is suitable for a particular case or complaint. I can also give good guidance about what treatment will entail and in most cases how long the course of treatment will be. This can be held over the phone or in person.

Booking in to see a Chiropractor

Come along through recommendation, tell me who sent you, I am always happy to hear that people are getting better and feeling well. Phone me for a chat beforehand if you wish or simply book in by email or phone for treatment or a quick informal chat.

Bournemouth Chiropractor

BOOK IN/ GET IN TOUCH and come along and see me at Poole Road Medical Centre Bournemouth


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