Good reviews for a Bournemouth chiropractor

Good reviews for a Bournemouth Chiropractor

Nothing quite beats a personal recommendation when you are trying to decide on booking or buying a product or service.

These days there is so much choice in everything that we do. Nothing seems so simple and straightforward any more. Gone are the days of flicking through the Yellow Pages and working through the list in the directory. Now we are faced with a huge range of options and an even larger choice of channels of information.

Having so much choice is a good thing in that it means we are not limited. We can search and investigate until we are satisfied with what we find. But on the other hand it can be hard to find what you want in a virtual jungle of information. Then it can be even harder to decide between those different options.

Your Health in Your Hands

Nothing is more important than when this relates to your health. It is a cliche, but health, well being and mobility are everything. Without good health, everything else becomes so much less important.

So, you’ve hurt your back or strained your neck. Maybe those headaches have just been troubling you for too long or an old chronic condition is coming back to haunt you. Perhaps it’s a recent acute injury that has stopped you in your tracks. Whatever it may be, it needs some attention. You need to start your search for some good reviews for a Bournemouth Chiropractor.

In this article I will explain to you how to find a reputable and reliable chiropractor in the local area and how customer testimonials go a long way to increasing your feeling of confidence about booking to see a chiropractor.

Ask Friends, Family and Colleagues for Customer Testimonials

Nothing quite beats a personal recommendation. Ask around for good reviews for a Bournemouth Chiropractor.

I recently surveyed a cross section of my patient base and discovered that over half of my current chiropractic patients had been recommended to my clinic for treatment by a friend or colleague who already knew me. 

These are friends relatives and colleagues who had experienced an improvement in their condition or a reduction in their pain through a course of chiropractic treatment and were keen to tell others their medical story.

This type of endorsement speaks for itself. An existing patient is benefiting from treatment or has recovered from an injury. They then recommend people to me who have asked them about how they recovered so well.

Whatever practitioner, product or even trade a person is searching for almost everyone likes to know it’s endorsed by others. This is true even a holiday destination, a haircut or a restaurant. Most people ask others for a personal account about where they have been or who they recommend before they embark on any type of search or booking up for a service or buying a product. It makes sense really.

Read Google Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Where would we all be without Google. In fact, how did we ever live without it.

Imagine somebody is trying to find a reliable and well respected local chiropractor. Perhaps this is the position you are in now.  Somebody is in pain and doesn’t know anybody who has used a good local chiropractor and they are searching from scratch.

“Well Hello Google my Friend!” Type in Good Reviews for a Bournemouth Chiropractor and personally the first place to start is to scroll through those Google reviews.

Google reviews are left independently by customers. They are considered one of the most independently reliable sources of information from current and previous customers for any business.

It is when a page of good reviews for a Bournemouth chiropractor become a valuable and vital part of any search

Google reviews for bournemouth chiropractic

When you are in pain or discomfort then you really want to be sure about a recommendation and Google testimonials offer that reassurance time and time again. They are up to date, genuine and plentiful. Google reviews show that a clinic is up to date and open and accessible. Its the virtual way of speaking to other customers and hearing their opinion on my chiropractic clinic.

Real people in real time. You have got to love Google!

Time and time again Google comes to the rescue. Offering us answers and choices, opinions and information and is just what we all need.

Online reviews and testimonials are yet another reliable source of endorsement for Bournemouth Chiropractic and you can read plenty of the online Google reviews that are left for the clinic.

Research Training and Professional Chiropractic Qualifications

Always add the final layer of research to your investigations. Book with a Chiropractor who is registered with the British Chiropractic Association and the General Chiropractic Council. A professionally trained and nationally registered professional chiropractor such as myself.

Ask questions, phone through or research the website. Find out how long the chiropractor has been in practice. Myself, I qualified from the Anglo European College of Chiropractors in 1987. Over 30 years of chiropractic experience underpinned with annual continued professional development.

Booking in to see a Chiropractor

Chiropractor Bournemouth Chiropractor: Local Back Pain Specialistactor in BournemouthPerhaps you are already in pain, have suffered an injury and are cautious of being adjusted or embarking on treatment. Maybe you simply want to heal a long standing condition or embark on a preventative course of treatment.

Read my reviews and get in touch to talk further and I can supply you with any additional information that you require.

I treat chronic and acute conditions. A lot of my longstanding patients who see me initially for an injury,  stay with me on a preventative program.

Then there are those returning patients who come back to me as and when they need to over the years.

Patients send their family and friends to me and this speaks volumes to me.  I value their Chiropractic reviews, testimonials and endorsements enormously. These should be helpful to you too.

If you do come along through recommendation, tell me who sent you. I am always happy to hear that people are getting better and feeling well. Phone me for a chat beforehand if you wish or simply book in by email or phone for treatment.

For the time being here are some more testimonial examples from patients here at Bournemouth Chiropractic Clinic to scroll through in addition to the independent Google reviews . I also have a Bournemouth Chiropractic Clinic Facebook page and patients also write on the testimonial page there too.

Customer Testimonial #1

Gail is a longstanding patient of mine. Chiropractic has helped her maintain mobility and health:

“Leslie has been treating me over the last couple of years. I’ve had many different issues from slipped discs, whiplash to injuries resulting from my fitness regime. He has helped me recover from all of them. At times I have been in agony and would be very nervous for anyone to touch me but I trust him completely. He finds time to see me quickly so I’m not left in pain. A wonderful, kind and knowledgeable man, he takes an interest in you as a person and helps beyond his role as a therapist. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Customer Testimonial #2

Good reviews for a Bournemouth chiropractor

Jo and her husband both come to the clinic on a regular basis. They choose to maintain their health with a regular program of chiropractic care:

Leslie treats myself and my husband and is simply incredible. He’s got us both moving and back to the gym after back operations, knee injuries, lock jaw and just general neck stress! Don’t know what we would do without him in our lives!

Customer Testimonial #3

Melissa was referred to me by a colleague at work. She had a course of treatment and felt back on form again :

Leslie has been treating me for a rotated pelvis problem and after a few sessions I am pain free. He is extremely knowledgable and professional. Above all else he is a very caring person and has given me some valuable health and diet advice which has made a big difference to my life”

Customer Testimonial #4

Dyanne has been coming to see me for chiropractic care on and off for years:

I am so pleased with the treatment I have received. Leslie is always the perfect professional, but he is always very kind and caring. I would, and do, totally recommend him to any of my family and friends. Thank you Leslie”





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