Back Pain and Fashion

Back Pain: Fashion Choices and Injuries:

Back Pain: Fashion Choices and Injuries have an unseen connection. The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has recently conducted a national survey of over 1000 people. It discovered that items such as skinny jeans, high heels and handbags can be a possible source of a cause of pain in your body. Reasons being that by very subtly altering the way you walk, weight bear and hold tension in your body can lead to referred pain and discomfort.

British Chiropractic Association Survey Results

The recent survey by  the British Chiropractic Association asked 1,062 people about muscular skeletal problems. It found that 73% had suffered back pain and 33% were not aware that fashion choices of clothing could affect their back, neck or posture.

The findings revealed the top 5 possible worst choices in fashion terms:
1.    Narrow legged skinny jeans: The tight trouser leg design of these can, in some cases, lead to a loss of rebound in your step.  The usual shock-absorbing qualities in your walk could consequently be altered and this could cause pressure in your joints.
2.    Oversized bags and handbags particularly ones which are worn slung across the body: heavy and badly carried handbags are a particularly common cause of back pain in women.  When large over sized fashionable bags are carried in the crook of the arm these can cause the most issues. The BCA reports this is because ” the weight of these held away from your body pulls one shoulder lower than the other”.
3.    Winter coats with large fluffy hoods: large hoods can mean you strain your neck. You naturally adjust your head position in order to see from under the hood when it is up over your head.
4.    High heeled shoes: It has long been an opinion that wearing high heels forces us to hold our bodies in a manner which promotes tension in the spine. This is because the centre of gravity is altered to adjust to the angle of the heel of the shoe.

5.  Mules, high heeled slip ons and shoes without backs : mules have no support at the back of the foot which will increase strain on the legs and lower back. We also  adjust our step to keep the shoe on the foot comfortably thereby altering our gait.

Making Better Choices to avoid Potential Injuries

In short, any item of clothing that restricts natural movement or that leads people to stand or walk unnaturally or altering their natural gait can have a negative impact on the posture, back or neck  alinement and can cause back pain: fashion choices and injuries are more closely connected than first thought. These small adjustments to the way our bodies naturally move and function can, in the longer term, sometimes lead to unnecessary muscular skeletal problems.

The British Chiropractic Association are reported to comment on these findings by adding: “Whilst we are certainly not saying stop wearing your favourite clothes altogether like most things in life, moderation is best and there are easy ways you can reduce the impact on your posture and overall health. Our advice is to consider your back and neck health when making clothing choices – moderation of outfits that limit your movement is recommended. You should choose clothing to suit the activity you are doing and try investing in a backpack for days when you have a lot to carry around.”

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

A wide range of muscular skeletal problems can be treated with success with a course of chiropractic treatment and you can easily get in touch with me at the clinic at Poole Road Medical Centre to discuss your particular case. The Chiropractic Clinic is open every day except Sundays so get in touch by phone or email to have a chat and book an appointment


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